Laser dentistry can save a patient from the mental and physical trauma he goes through during minor and major dental treatments. Laser in dentistry has proven to be very effective due to its ability to perform treatments of vaporization, bactericidal effect and haemostasis, with great precision. With each day of advancing technologies, people prefer dental laser procedures over traditional dental methods because it causes negligible pain and is immensely accurate. Soft tissue diode lasers like Photon 3Watt and Photon plus 10 Watt are widely acclaimed and preferred for soft tissue treatments like excision of lesion or removal of Granulation Tissue.

Some Reasons to Go for Laser Dentistry: 

Lesser Noise: You would not hear any terrifying sound of the drill. The process will be quicker sans any uncomfortable noise.

No Stitches: You would not have to go through the pain of getting any stitches or sutures that you had to face earlier.

No Anesthesia: As the laser treatment involves very less pain; you won’t have to deal with any needles or anesthesia.

Takes Lesser time: The entire procedure takes far lesser time than the traditional procedure. Early detection: The laser is also used for detecting early decaying of cavities which can save a person from future problem and the decaying can be dealt with at an early stage.

No discomfort: Drilling leaves a jarring effect which causes discomfort for a prolonged time. On the other hand, with laser treatments there are very less vibrations and discomfort.

Fast recovery: The recovery time is much less due to the precision of the dental laser beam. There is minimal blood loss and less swelling caused by laser dentistry treatments. The blood coagulates quickly.

Affordable: Laser dentistry has given effective, positive results in an affordable price.

The patient is happier with the introduction of this new, pain free technology in dentistry as it is easy on his/her pocket, as well as the doctors’.

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