Advantages of Soft Tissue Lasers Over Traditional Treatments

Laser technology has successfully improved healthcare and dental procedures by providing non-invasive and painless ways of treatment. Laser diodes in dentistry have transformed the viewpoint patients usually had, i.e. dental and oral procedures are painful with slower recovery.

Nowadays, soft tissue laser diodes are used to treat common to complex tooth and gum problems.

5 Common Dental Procedures Treated With Laser Diode

A diode laser use in day to day dental practice can increase productivity of any dental office and exponential improvement in patient experience and satisfaction. - Dr Sanjay Jain When I first bought dental diode laser, it was meant for performing complex surgeries. The experience was great as bloodless surgeries enhanced customer experience substantially. Later [...]

Dental Laser Dentistry Training

Our dental training programs are in compliance with the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) which is equivalent to the best global practices within the field of dentistry. The faculty that trains your professional hands to perfection is lead by three renowned names in the dental industry; Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. John Mann,DMD and Dr. Suja [...]

Laser Tip Selection. A discussion about laser fibre tips.

The soft tissue diode laser is one of the most commonly used systems in modern day dental practices for most soft tissue surgical procedures. The applications range from laser bacterial reduction, low level laser therapy, frenectomy, gingivecomy among others. The detailed mechanism of diode laser working is beyond the scope of this write up, however, [...]

Low Level Laser Therapy – LLLT Also known as low power laser, soft laser, cold laser

Low Level Laser Therapy- Photobiomodulation – or (LLLT in short) is a type of photo-therapy , where trained and qualified medical / dental professionals use specialized machines Lasers or LEDs) which emit red and near infrared light, which is applied directly over the selected part of the body which is injured or has a certain [...]

Photon Series of Soft Tissue Diode Lasers approved by the FDA for Pain therapy Applications

To all Global Distributors, Dealers and Partners:
As you are aware the Zolar Technology & MFG Co Inc. has the industry leading soft tissue surgical applications for its Photon Series Diode lasers.

We at Zolar Technology are happy to announce that the Photon and Photon Plus are now approved by the FDA for LASER assisted Pain Therapy applications along with the surgery applications.

Independent Medical Sales Representative / Distributor

Overview: The company is expanding its sales force nationwide ( North America- Canada and USA). Our products are surgical DENTAL DIODE LASERS used in soft tissue applications. We are looking for experienced independent sales representative or distributors who is in the field of Dental equipment’s/Materials supplies selling to local dentist and universities. This is a [...]

Interview: Pain therapy and soft tissue applications in one device

The Canadian manufacturer Zolar aims to make dental diode laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly. With its multifunctional dental diode laser Photon, the company now wants to expand into new markets. Dental Tribune Online had the opportunity to talk to Paul Atkins, Executive Officer of Zolar Technology and Manufacturing. Dental Tribune Online: Mr. Atkins, have [...]