Laser Dentistry: Benefits of Laser Dental Treatment

Laser Dental TreatmentLaser dentistry can be an effective and precise way to perform the dental surgeries and procedures. It can improve the dental procedures by controlling the tissue exposure, while performing the procedures. It can allow the dentists to perform the treatment without damaging its surrounding tissues.

In case if you are planning to go to a dentist and want to have extremely safe and comfortable treatment, then it would be great to look for a dentist who incorporates latest laser technology for treatment. It has been seen that only 6% of the dentists are using laser for soft-tissue applications. With time there will be a number of laser technology users as it can reduce pain as well as recovery time.

Today we will know the benefits of this latest technology that is performed with the help of soft-tissues and laser.

Why to Use Laser Dental Treatment

  • In certain procedures no need to use anesthesia

  • As high-energy light beam can cause blood clot, but laser technology can minimize bleeding and inhibits blood loss

  • Tissue regeneration process speed-up and healing speed is enhanced

  • Minimum bacterial infection takes place

  • Surrounding tissue damaging gets minimized

Types of Lasers

FDA or The food and Drug Administration have approved variety of laser tissue therapies for dental treatment both for children and adults. Laser technique is used to perform some specific dental procedures. Let us discuss the two popular types of laser technologies used for dental treatment:

  • Hard-Tissue Laser

In this type of procedure a highly absorbable wavelength laser is used due to which the cutting through tooth structure can be performed easily. It includes YSGG and YAG. Through this technique firstly the tooth and bone with high precision are cut-down. Through this a composite bonding is made between teeth.

  • Soft-Tissue Laser

The wavelength used in soft-tissues is highly absorbable by hemoglobin and water so the technique is more effective in managing soft tissues. The Neodymium and diode laser treatments are mainly used in this technology and therefore it can be used for killing the real bacteria and growing new tissues. The technique helps in faster healing. Therefore patients do not feel even postoperative pain.

Some dental laser technology can use both hard and soft tissue laser technology and energy depending on requirement. Soon dental procedure will be used to perform laser dentistry procedure quickly and effectively.

If you want to know more about laser technology used in dental treatment, then contact us. We will provide you complete assistance to know more about this.

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