Bright Future Lasers Denristry

A laser is one of the most powerful tools in the field of medicine. The laser can make your eyesight perfect in a couple of minutes and with no pain, get your hair transplanted. Cosmetic surgeries are so popular these days and all the credit goes to laser technology. However, the field that has benefitted the most from this laser technology is Dentistry. People have always been scared of Dental procedures; they are scared of watching sharp tools drilling through and scaling their teeth. The treatments become less horrifying and painful with laser Dentistry. Due to the use of laser even the prick of local anaesthesia is evaded. Laser technology is spreading rapidly and being acknowledged by millions of Dentists around the world. It has all pros and almost no cons. Think about a dental treatment where you will not be given anaesthesia, no pain, no risk of infections, absolutely time saving, and minimal damage to the soft tissues. 

Laser treatments allow a great amount of precision. As a result there is hardly any other tissue which gets affected. The traditional treatment requires a curette to do the surgical operations. Usually, this instrument did a lot of damage to the nearby healthy tissues. Modern day Laser Dentistry makes you free from the horrifying noise of drills, gives pain free treatment, minimal or no damage to the surrounding tissues. In addition to this, all the heat generated by the laser kills bacteria. Thus, no chance of bacterial infections remains. 

Optical Coherence Tomography is a new imaging technology that allows a dentist to monitor pathology on screen. This revolutionary technology can make a huge difference in the future of dentistry. When there is need to cut a bone or tooth during the treatment, hard tissue laser is used, due to its power or strength. The teeth or bone can be cut down as desired without any hassle or pain. For patients who seek treatments like RCT, soft tissue laser is used there. With this, a desired amount of laser beam is passed which removes the unwanted tissue and seals the existing good tissues. 

This procedure ensures perfection in operating upon only the unwanted tissues and saving the gums from bleeding due to the seal it creates. In the future, laser dentistry can be used by combining both hard tissue laser and soft tissue laser to get the required results.

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