Why Choose Laser Dentistry?

Ground breaking progress has been made in the world of medicine and technology in the past decade. This hold true for the laser technology as well. Now, laser is widely being used in the medical field. Dentistry has benefitted from it too. It has greatly transformed the outlook of both the medical professionals and common people. The new dental laser assures negligible or no pain during different procedures, whether they are simple or complex. It also promises fewer sitting, which means lesser investment of time.

For the better understanding of a common man or patients, it is integral to explain that Laser is a device which uses high density laser beams for treating soft tissues (like gums) as well as hard tissues (like teeth). Now, the first question that is likely to arise in your mind is how and why is Laser Dentistry better than any of the traditional methods used? A saving on money and time is the answer to this. The laser is known for its precision and its use in dental procedures means lesser blood loss and quicker coagulation of blood at the treated area. This in turn means that you would need fewer sitting. This would result in you paying the consultation fee lesser times than before, so you would save both money and time. You would be pleased to know that you will face no sutures if laser is used instead of the traditional methods. Also, it is more germ-free in comparison to the older techniques used. The reason for this is the heat that comes from the laser which results in killing of almost all bacteria. Due to the use of soft tissue diode laser there is far less bleeding from the gums. So say Hurray! Laser promises you lesser mental and physical pain.

We are sure that you would prefer saving yourself from the petrifying sound and pain caused by the drill or scalpel. Laser guarantees that no local anaesthesia would be injected. Such traditional techniques were common during filling cavities, preparing teeth for crowns or treating gum disease. This used to cause only temporary numbness often referred to as a fat lip feeling. Sometimes, sedation and/or general anaesthesia was induced to help you relax or reduce your anxiety. It is important for you to note that these effects were not permanent. Therefore, the aftermath of these traditional dental surgeries was horrifying. Agonizing pain and spinning of the head was most common among the after effects. But, in the use of new dental laser technology there is no such terrifying experience. The time taken to recover is much less because only the damaged tissue is treated. The healthy tissues remain undisturbed. This is why we highly recommend the use of dental diode lasers like Photon and Photon plus.

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