Dental Bleaching and Causes of Tooth Yellowing

In a world where everyone is very conscious about looks, people spend a lot of time on their clothes, their shoes and their skin. The part of the body which makes the largest impact is often ignored. This part is the mouth. Oral hygiene and beautification is as important as any other aspect of the personality. One very common problem related to Teeth is yellowing. There may be several reasons for teeth yellowing, some of them are:

1. Genetics: There is a layer called enamel which covers the teeth. This layer may be thick or thin. The width of the layer is mostly passed on genetically. A thick layer means whiter teeth and a thin one means yellowish teeth.

2. Diet: A diet which includes colas, coffee, food with synthetics and preservatives might lead to yellow teeth.

3. Tobacco: Excessive smoking and tobacco usage guarantees yellowing of teeth.

4. Age: For some people, yellowing of teeth happens with age as the enamel weakens over a period of time.

5. Poor Oral Hygiene: One who does not brush and visit the dentist regularly will eventually have discoloured teeth.

Though yellow teeth are very common phenomena, it is not something which cannot be helped. With Dental bleaching through laser, one can get beautiful pearly white teeth. This technique involves applying a whitening gel onto the teeth and then using laser to multiply and speed up the process of whitening. Laser dental bleaching is a great technique as it is safe, comfortable and gives very noticeable results in a few minutes!

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