ZOLAR Technology & Mfg. wants to make soft tissue dental diode laser treatment suitable for all dental ailments, thus Zolar – soft tissue dental diode laser manufacturer have organized a dental diode laser training program to train and educate professionals in Laser Dentistry about this new soft tissue dental diode laser technology. It is a breakthrough program for dental laser treatment.

ZOLAR Technology & Mfg. is providing Hands-On Training to dentistry Professionals for the better use of Dental Diode Laser manufactured by them. With their training program, dentists can update their knowledge towards using latest laser technology. Therefore, ZOLAR Technology & Mfg. is offering several training Workshops Worldwide to familiarize us with the functions and features of the soft tissue diode laser developed by them.

The best things to be notice in the products of ZOLAR Technology & Mfg. are its preset functions, multiple customized programs,high-level safety features as your password, delivery systems of disposable tips and disposable cutting fiber and many more after 5000 times of diode lifetime.

Zolar Photon plus is amazingly easy to use with its touch interface and wireless foot pedal. Photon plus is also a great way to please and impress your patients when it comes to treatment plan acceptance. I recommend it to any dentist who is interested in diode laser and I am sure they will be glad to have It.”, FRANCOISE T. AKOURY (DDS, DUB PERIODOLOGY).

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