Dental Laser Transforming Periodontal Solutions

Since 1994, Laser has been used in dentistry to cure dental problems. However, American Dental Association has yet to give its seal of acceptance to any laser system, in spite of FDA approval. This seal is an assurance that the devices and products meet the safety and efficacy standards. The ADA is cautious but optimistic about using laser in dentistry.

Canadian Dental Association recognizes the benefits of laser in intra oral applications. Dental practitioners must take responsibility if they choose to employ dental lasers. They should determine the efficacy of the equipment and follow appropriate procedures for the safe use of equipment. Different dental associations are aware of the benefits of dental lasers in treating various oral diseases but they have not thrown caution out of the window yet as the procedures are relatively new.

The procedure looks quite promising to this association and they smell a positive change in the way dental treatment is done. Laser is readily used by many dentists to treat Teeth Whitening because it speeds up the teeth whitening procedure. It activates the peroxide bleaching solution which is applied to the surface of a tooth, thereby speeding up the whitening process. Laser is used for Lesion Removal or Biopsy resulting in removal of lesions from the mouth and relief from sores. It is also used to remove a small piece of tissue to check the presence and type of cancer. Dental lasers can harden or cure a filling. They are used to remove tooth decay and prepare the enamel for filling.

Here is how laser Dentistry works. A laser helps to strengthen the bond between the tooth and the filling, thus helping in curing it. Although, Dental laser is a subset of medical laser, but is different from it. These are not cold lasers used in photo therapy to relieve pain, headache and inflammation. Instead a laser sends energy in the form of light or beam. When used for dental or surgical procedure, it acts as a vaporizer or cutting instrument for tissues that come in its contact.

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