Dental Tribune – Canadian dental laser company expands dealer network

MISSISSAUGA, Canada: Zolar Technology, a Canadian dental laser manufacturer specializing in dental diode lasers, has announced that it is seeking to broaden its worldwide dealer network. The company’s soft-tissue diode laser series is certified by the Food and Drug Administration and in accordance with European standards. In addition, the dental laser products have received market clearance in Canada.

Zolar’s Photon and Photon Plus soft-tissue dental diode lasers are available in the U.S. and most parts of the world. The company has now launched a new 2-in-1 laser with low-level laser therapy (LLLT) feature. The dental laser is the first of its kind to be approved by Health Canada and is available to be marketed in most countries.

The Photon series, which has received the highest rating by dental products platform THE DENTAL ADVISOR, features a long-lasting battery pack for optimal portability, advanced software with a large touch-screen display, password security and a wide range of built-in treatment procedures. It can be used with disposable tips or disposable cutting fiber and is backed by a warranty of up to two years.

Zolar’s executive officer, Paul Atkins, said: “With the Photon diode laser now available with LLLT the dentist no longer has to purchase two separate devices to conduct soft tissue and dental pain therapy applications. The Photon now equipped with an LLLT option combines both applications in one device. This approval is an important milestone for Zolar, as the Photon remains the only soft tissue diode laser on the market equipped with LLLT dental applications.”

LLLT offers dental practitioners a noninvasive treatment option that can be used as an adjunct to conventional therapies or as a therapeutic tool on its own. Examples of clinical applications include dental analgesia, treatment of dentin hypersensitivity, healing of soft-tissue lesions, reduction of pain and swelling after surgical procedures, better integration of implants into bone, and faster movement of teeth during orthodontic procedures.

Zolar will be exhibiting its dental laser product portfolio at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting (Booth 619) from Feb. 26 to 28, 2015, and at the International Dental Show (Booth A060), which will take place from March 10 to 14, 2015. A series of educational webinars for the training of dentists and distributors alike has been scheduled. Further details can be found at

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