5 Common Dental Procedures Treated With Laser Diode

A diode laser use in day to day dental practice can increase productivity of any dental office and exponential improvement in patient experience and satisfaction.
– Dr Sanjay Jain

5 Common Dental Procedures Treated With Laser Diode

When I first bought dental diode laser, it was meant for performing complex surgeries. The experience was great as bloodless surgeries enhanced customer experience substantially. Later I got my consultant dental surgeons and hygienists trained and introduced use of diode laser in day to day non-surgical procedures.

The results were amazing, productivity of my consultant dental surgeons and hygienists substantially improved, with better dental care and improved recovery time patients were more satisfied, significant increase in my dental office revenue.

I am using Photon and Photon Plus lasers from Zolar Company in Canada, which were bought 4 years back. My Zolar photon diode lasers are work horse, being used 3-4 times a day and did not see any major repairs during this period. With easier to use features and wide range of presets, it was breeze for my hygienists to learn and use them. Our dental office performs from surgical to pain therapy to teeth whitening, a wide range of procedures from same machine.

Zolar diode laser in my office proved to be a cost-effective product.

In today’s era, laser diodes have become a specialty of dentistry and is widely used to handle various surgeries. By using these diode lasers, a dentist can handle contemporary periodontal therapies and treatment to provide better dental care & recovery to patients. This advanced technology is an ideal and affordable option which has by far treated and resolved many dental problems.

Here are the few soft tissue procedures for which a Dentist and dental hygienist can make use of a laser diode:

1. Post Scaling & Root Planing

A laser diode is an innovative tool which is specially designed for modern dental practice. It is helpful in reducing the number of pathogens and in the removal of diseased tissues and bacteria.

2. Ulcer Treatment

By directing a laser energy on an apthous ulcer, a patient can gain instant pain relief. This laser treatment is beneficial as it does not allow ulcers to appear again in that area for a considerable time. This increases the collagen growth, fibroblastic activity and works as a wound healer in the affected tissues.

3. Teeth Whitening Treatment

This teeth laser treatment is great at changing the teeth color at low power densities. It is a safe method to whiten the externally stained teeth which is usually caused by certain habits and stains from food.

4. Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue procedures can be handled by the diode laser without causing any harm to tissues. The surgical area can be easily treated with great reliability and allows faster recovery with reduced inflammation and pain.

5. Root Canal Therapy

Diode lasers are used for disinfecting and cleaning of the root canal and prevents reinfection. Due to the high energy of laser light, this treatment is successful in removing the bacterial load from the root canal wall.

Laser use is the leading edge of dentistry practice and is constantly allowing the surgeons and hygienists to enhance the clinical value and safety in dental procedures. Being a dentist, if I want to handle surgeries with ease and perfection, then use of a reliable diode laser is indispensable. Me and my hygienists, we all love our workhorse, Zolar Photon diode laser for its reliability and dependability.

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