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Dr. Gerry Ross on the New Zolar Dental Diode Laser Equipment by Zolar

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New Dental Laser by ZOLAR dental Diode Laser – Recommended by Dentists

Dr Gerry Ross on Wonders of Laser Dentistry

Hands-on Training held on January 25th, 2019

The photon series is the best among the dental diode lasers. The cordless foot pedal and body of the laser make it completely portable and highly convenient to use. The choice of pre-sets is unlimited which makes it user friendly. The hands-on training courses offered to get the maximum benefit from the laser are so good, that you shall soon be able to master the use of these products.

You will achieve the ideal results and feel it was effortless getting there. These courses and the dental laser would soon become a key part of your armamentarium.

Dr. Gerry Ross, Renowned authority in laser dentistry
Ontario, Canada

I’m writing to tell you how much I like the Zolar 3W Laser. I had a diode laser that fell off the counter and broke. A dental friend of mine recommended the Zolar laser and I couldn’t be happier. It is easy to use and cuts much better than the one I was using. I like the preset programs for the various procedures. I use it for troughing around crown preps, gaining access to class V restorations, uncovering implants, removing fibrotic lesions and frenectomies.

Dr. John Mann ,DMD
Blakeslee, PA USA

I believe that diode lasers are required for any modern day dental practice. Even though the bone sets the tone it’s the tissue that is the issue. Utilizing a diode laser for soft tissue management is fantastic. Introducing lasers has changed the way I do the treatment planning for my patients in my practice. The Zolar machine is portable and easy to use with tons of power. Patient satisfaction and post-operative healing is great.
Incorporation of the Zolar Photon Plus has had a significant positive effect on efficiency, productivity, and overall collections for my office. I recommend the laser system to all because it has added a lot of value to my practice and 980 nm is just right.

Dr. Shane Douglas, D.D.S.
Heritage Oak Dental, CA USA

Lasers have brought a revolution in the dentistry profession. The Zolar products have developed an incredible product line of diode lasers that every dentist should have in their kits.

Dr. Suja Mathew
Mississauga, Canada

Since last more than 4 years i have been using zolar diode in my practice, i am extremely happy with the results and it has now become an integral part of our practice. I have worked on quite a few diode lasers but zolar is notch above the rest. The ability to modify settings as per individual patients is very rewarding. Overall i can definitely say that working with this laser has been an enriching experience.

Dr. A Sanjay Jain

As an experienced dentist in laser dental treatments and the use of Diode laser in dental therapies, Zolar Diode laser proved to be an excellent choice: the ergonomics of the machine, the time-saving single use tip insuring a non-cross contamination, the touch screen, the possibility to customize the settings of the power and mode of the laser beam, are of the many reasons which make the Zolar laser machine, a great investment by a dentist for surgical and non-surgical dental treatments.
Zolar diode laser helps us gain the trust of our patients and to move our practice to a more professional level.

Dr. Chadi Khanji

In my years of experience in dentistry and using lasers, the Zolar laser is the best I have come across. I’m really happy with the efficient cutting and hemostasis it provides. Also, I find the unit easier to use because of its small size. The Photon Plus model is certainly a great value for money.

Dr. Roland
Ontario, Canada

The compact size and wireless foot control for the Zolar makes it a perfect for any size practice.

Dr. Robert Convissar
New York, NY

I am writing to inform how impressed I am personally using your laser after switching from Ezylase to Zolar Photon Plus. Battery back up like a mobile phone is excellent and reliable. Portability from one operating room to another extremely easy. Diode time monitoring a unique feature which I don’t think other laser manufacturers offer. Several programmes I like but my favourite is Gingival roughing for impressions, this has replaced retraction cord in my prosthesis work. There are many other features but I have mentioned the main ones that make the Photon Plus user friendly.

Dr.Yad Sahni

In my years of BOI implants I have never had such amazing comfort using a dental laser. My team and I are overjoyed at our year long experience with Zolar’s Photon series. The service backup provided by the AMT team, especially Mr. Balamurugan, has been simply outstanding!

Dr. Murugavel

I have been very pleased with the Zolar Laser. The battery operation and wireless foot pedal make this unit very convenient to use. It also has numerous presets and a bright LED screen.

Dr. Marc A. Cohen
Memphis, TN USA

I love using the ZOLAR Photon laser. I am easily able to do various procedures from soft tissue crown lengthening to implant uncovery. It cuts very efficiently and provides great hemostasis. My patients have much less post-op pain as well. The menu is very intuitive, and I love how the settings adjust automatically to the procedure. The password protection on the unit gives me peace of mind. The online support and tutorials are also very useful as I was a beginner before using this laser. This laser has made many of my procedures more predictable, and each day I find a new way to use this product.

Dr. Zachary Starr, DDS
Philadelphia, PA

Laser is changing the way clinical Dental Hygiene is viewed and practiced. The Zolar Photon Lasers are designed for optimum ease of use and efficiency. This gives both the Doctor and the Hygienist a laser device that meets the demands of a modern dental practice, which is treating our patient’s to the highest levels for health and wellness through laser surgical and periodontal therapeutic models of care.

You will achieve the ideal results and feel it was effortless getting there. These courses and the dental laser would soon become a key part of your armamentarium.

Janet Press, RDH

I am Arun Darbar, a general dentist and I have been a laser dentist for over 20 years. I started working with my first dental laser soon after it was available. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be able to use and play with most lasers on the market, and I also have my own private collection of 20+ lasers…. and I’m always looking for new ones!

I was lucky enough to be offered the use of the Zolar Photon laser soon after it was released and now I use it on a daily basis and find it easy and versatile to use with it’s features and wireless foot switch. It gives you a dedicated surgical and low level laser modality in one unit with a simple switch of fibres and hand pieces. The surgical fibre can be a cleavable standard bare fibre or a fixed fibre with single use disposable tips. It is a neat unit with pre-set factory settings but it can easily be customized as per your needs. With the option of either 3W or 7W units it gives a full range of treatment modalities including whitening and PBM.

I am very happy with the Zolar Photon Laser, I use it regularly and it forms a proud part of my collection!

Happy Lasering………. It’s Amazing!!!!!

Dr. Arun Darbar

Thank you so much for the fabulous seminar that you hosted on January 27, 2017. It was very well done and very informative and I really learned a lot. Thank you again for your hospitable nature in every way – you guys were amazing.
I really do appreciate all that you did for us to make a fabulous day of learning.

Thank you so much.

Stephanie Hancock, RDH

I purchased a Zolar 10 Watt diode laser last year and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. I have used almost every laser on the market including CO2, Erbium and Diodes of many brands. I particularly enjoy the wireless foot pedal that unclutters my operatory. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. This laser can easily be configured in terms of pulse and refractory times which makes it kind to soft tissues of the mouth.

I use this laser for oral soft tissue surgery such as frenectomies and also for vital pulpotomies. This laser has become invaluable in preserving primary teeth through vital pulptomy.

I recently needed a small part for the laser handpiece and was pleased to find that your customer service department made that process extremely easy.

Thank you for putting this product on the market and providing such good customer support.

Robert T. Wade, MS, DDS

Thank you for your phone call and this email.

At Savina Clinics we are utilising several applications for Photon Plus: post extraction, for haemostasis and socket degranulation and disinfection Conservation and Crown and Bridge preparation for gingival sulcus haemostasis lmplants: in the surgical exposure of te implant at the 2nd stage and for treatment of periiplantitis. Minor Oral surgery: excision of small lesions, cautery of fragile blood vessels in the mucosa, herpetic lesion management, Operculectomies in partially erupted third molars Tooth whitening.

We are thrilled with the simplicity of application and at the same time, the efficiency of our Photon Plus units and our dentists are constantly undergoing training to improve our techniques and fields of application.

Dr. Joseph Xuereb