Ever wondered why that friend of yours is able to attract people by just flashing his or her exquisite smile? Well, an enigmatic smile is surely a lifetime achievement, but it can be easily achieved by giving due importance to oral health. With people becoming more and more aware toward different aspects of health, demand for tips and information about maintenance of oral hygiene is getting stronger day by day.

Realizing the importance of this integral cleanliness factor, many countries and government have started initiatives for spreading awareness. One such example is Oral Health Month in Canada. The month of April is commemorated as the day focusing on the significance of dental hygiene. The event is sponsored by the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and focuses on the definite connection between oral and systematic health. Many dentists across the country come together to celebrate this important day and think of different ways to teach people about this integral factor like mall displays, classroom presentations, community outreach events, and dental visits.

The main motive behind this initiative is not just to give lectures about dental health, but to make it an altogether fun activity. People normally run away from dentists, but this event makes sure that people look forward to their next visit to those much-dreaded dentists! Oral health is far more than important than we realize, and keeping a tab on it helps us maintaining that mesmerizing smile for years to come.

There are many small tricks which can lend us a helping hand in keeping our teeth intact and making us proud to portray our smile anywhere without thinking about bad breath, yellow teeth, or germs in the teeth. These include making water ones choicest beverage, avoiding snackschewy and sticky food itemsbrushing twice a day, and using floss between the teeth while using an antiseptic mouthwash daily.

So come together to join the festivities in April Oral Health Month 2014 in Canada and give your teeth a chance to brighten and shine for the world to see. Let the dentist friend hold your hand and take you on a enthralling trip to the wonderful planet of good dental health.

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