Removal of tooth can be painful, but important if it is infected. Protect surgery wound from infection with proper home care.

Tooth removal is a painful process, but very essential in case the entire tooth is infected. After the surgery, the patient can go home, but he or she has to take a good care of the surgery wound as per doctor’s instructions. If the pain or bleeding persists for a long time, they must visit the doctor once again for treatment. In the initial phase of tooth extraction surgery, surgery wound is susceptible of infections and pain, therefore you must follow special first day instructions suggested by the dental surgeon. Some of the home care instructions are:

Bleeding: bleeding is normal after surgery since doctor cannot put a bandage on it. They will place a simple gauge to control it. You must keep this gauge on the wound for at least six hours or until the bleeding stops. It can take up to 6 hours for the bleeding to stop completely. Replace the gauge if needed. There will be a little oozing on the first day so no need to worry. While sleeping or relaxing, you must lie down in elevated position.

Do not drive: most of the medication given during and after surgery are sedating, therefore you must avoid driving or operating any heavy machine.

Soft diet: you must avoid eating anything, which is hard or tough to chew. Have soup, milk, juice, ice cream, pudding and such other soft foods. Otherwise, you must consult the doctor about the diet followed right after surgery.

Avoid smoking: smoking can delay healing; therefore, you must avoid smoking completely.

No alcohol: you must also avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages as well, for they can affect the healing tissues.

Swelling: having swelling is normal after dental surgery. You can put an ice pack to reduce it a little bit. However, complete reduction will take at least 2 days.

In case of emergency or any abnormality, you must contact doctor. Take the medication on time as per doctor’s prescription.

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