Gingivitis is a mild condition whose symptoms are swelling and inflammation and subsequent weakening and tendering of the gums. Though it often goes unnoticed, this should be treated with the appropriate medical care so that the situation does not deteriorate. Maintaining regular dental hygiene goes a long way in preventing gingivitis. Besides this, feasible home remedies act as cures for avoiding the turning of this redness and puffiness of gums to turn into a severe gum disease.

Home Remedies

Brushing after meals, flossing, using antiseptic mouth wash liquid such as Listerine or oral dental fresheners is a first and foremost step to be started at home.

Often dentists suggest electric toothbrushes that come with a finer flexibility and reach places that the normal toothbrush does not thereby cleaning tartar and plaque for those otherwise unreachable areas of the mouth.

For a soothing effect, aloe Vera gels can be applied to the gums affected by gingivitis before rinsing the mouth with lukewarm water. Aloe vera having beneficial properties of eliminating bacterial deposits minimizes the inflammation of the tender gums.

Commonly known ingredients of toothpastes such as cloves, mint, tea-tree oil, and alum can be used for treatment of gingivitis. Clove oil is a widely used product that provides relief from pain due to swelling of the gums. A solution of water and baking soda is often used to reduce bacterial formations in the gums.

Cranberry juice and lemon juice, without added sugar help reduce gingivitis to a large extent as it kills the bacteria effectively. Mustard oil and salt can be slowly massaged into gums to avoid swelling.

Besides peppermint and other herbs, Echinacea is a beneficial herb that boosts immunity by restricting bacterial infection and easing swelling and tenderness of the gums.

Quitting smoking, and indulging in a fibrous diet by increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals helps in decreasing gingivitis.

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