Laser Dentistry Certification Program (7 CE CERP points)

Course Description
The objective of the course is to help the participants understand and implement the most effective DIODE LASER techniques and procedures. In overall patient care. The program offers a unique combination of lectures and hands-on training designed to benefit both the dentist and the dental hygienist. On successful completion of this full day hands on program, professionals will be equipped with knowledge and skills to apply and integrate laser dentistry into their practice and move towards improved patience satisfaction.

Learnings & Benefits

  • The foundations of laser physics, laser safety and tissue interaction.
  • How laser dentistry becomes a value addition in your practice.
  • Laser procedures and treatment settings for dentist (gingival troughing, frenectomy, gingivectomy, etc.).
  • Laser procedures for dental hygienists (laser bacterial reduction desensitization, aphthous ulcers, etc.).
  • Newly approved Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT )applications.
  • Tips to enhance Patient Satisfaction.
  • Successful incorporation of laser in your practice & ROI.
  • Optimum utilization of Laser Machine in your practice.
  • A comfortable feeling, minimal or no pain and quick healing procedures.
  • An effective complementary treatment to scaling and root planing.

Special Discounts:

  • Special Discount on Course Fee if you buy a new machine within 7 days after the course (claim your
    discount by sending the machine serial number to
  • Special Group Discount also available at


Dentists$795 ($715.5 with Early-bird Discount)
RDH$495 ($445.5 with Early-bird Discount)
Dental Assistant$295 ($265.5 with Early-bird Discount)

For Special Group Discounts, contact us
***Limited time offer– Earlybird Discounts until 20 July and 10% additional Group Discount (up to 3 participants) until 25th July , 2022
*whichever discount is higher will be applied
**Taxes where applicable
****For all Overseas participants, the amount is in USD

Meet your trainer:

Dr. Gerry Ross,DDS ALD certified trainer

A 45-years-practicing dentist, Dr. Gerry Ross (specialized in LLLT with more emphasis on TMJ treatment) is one of the main trainers of the hands-on courses. He’s been using soft tissue and low level lasers for 30 years. With 200 courses globally, he’s a well-known speaker and publisher in general dentistry. In 2016, he was elected as Board of Directors in Academy of Laser Dentistry and awarded the Leon Goldman award for Clinical Excellence.

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We are already fully booked (Sold Out) for June 10. Next training date is 20 Aug, 2022

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