Laser has been used in dentistry since 1990. Laser is used in various dental procedures to get effective results. Laser with its high energy beams can be used for both hard tissue and soft tissue. The usage of laser can be for oral health as well as all types of gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

3 general uses of Laser in dentistry procedures:

First, is for teeth whitening procedures. The bleaching agent is activated and improved by laser, which works as a heat source in the entire process.

Second use of Laser is for surgical purposes. Here it acts like a cutting agent. 

Third use is for curing a filling. In this, laser makes the bond of the filling and tooth stronger.

A Dental Laser may also be used in the following ways:

It may be used to remove minute pieces of tissue which may be tested for cancer cells if required, this procedure is called biopsy.

A low intensity, less harmful laser can be used for detecting early cavities in the teeth. Before a filling procedure, laser can be used to remove all types of bacteria and tooth decay. 

People having high sensitivity to hot or cold food can have their tubules sealed with the help of laser. While doing an RCT (root canal treatment) laser can be used to make the tooth bacteria-free. Excess gum tissues can be removed with the help of laser. The improper dentures can be treated with laser to correct the folds in soft tissues and this process does not need a single stitch or suture. 

There are various other dental treatments where laser is used, such as muscle attachment, gum reshaping, optical coherence tomography or even regeneration of nerves. Zolar dental technology has manufactured its revolutionary dental laser products, Photon (3 watts) and Photon Plus (10 watts) to make every dentist happy. This Canadian technology has been designed by a dentist for the dentists, so that they may own an international quality soft tissue diode laser that is affordable, portable, easy to learn and backed with warranty.

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