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Zolar’s Prismatic (Basic&Multi-Focus)

Zolar’s fixed magnification prismatic loupes:

Zolar’s prismatic flip-up style loupes provide the ideal blend of a wide viewing area and a large amount of magnification. Patented hinge system can be fully adjusted to satisfy your working position. With Zolar’s loupes high definition optics, (multi-layer anti-re-flection coating) you will experience powerful magnification, best resolution, field of vision and depth of vision.

Zolar's Prismatic (Basic&Multi-Focus)
Zolar's Prismatic (Basic&Multi-Focus)
SF 6.0x flip-up style loupes
Model Weight Working Distance Field of Vision Depth of Vision
4.0x – SF 76 g 330-550 mm 60 mm 60 mm
5.0x – SF 76 g 330-550 mm 60 mm 60 mm
6.0x – SF 86 g 330-550 mm 40 mm 60 mm

Model – 4.0X – SF

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Model – 5.0X – SF

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Model – 6.0X – SF

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Zolar's Prismatic (Basic&Multi-Focus)
Zolar's Prismatic (Basic&Multi-Focus)
Zolar's Prismatic (Basic&Multi-Focus)

Zolar’s variable magnification prismatic loupes:

Please choose Zolar’s multi-focus lupes if you want to use in the field of teaching and precise surgery. Long working distance, sharp image and separated adjustment ways of lens can bring you more convenient in your work and scientific research.

variable magnification V10/V11
Model Magnification Working Distance Field of Vision Depth of Vision
4.0x-VF Shortest 4.0x 620mm 120mm 75mm
Longest 5.0x 280mm 30mm 75mm
5.0x-VF Shortest 5.0x 500mm 50mm 75mm
Longest 6.0x 280mm 30mm 75mm
6.0x-VF Shortest 6.0x 830mm 60mm 75mm
Longest 7.0x 350mm 30mm 75mm

Model – 4.0x-VF

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Model – 5.0x-VF

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Model – 6.0x-VF

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TTL Prismatic Loupes:

TTL loupes can also be customized with an extended magnification level under special request.

Please contact us at for pricing details.

Magnification Weight Material Pupil Distance Working Distance Field of Vision Depth of Vision
2.5X 30g titanium 52~75mm 350~600mm 150mm 130mm
3.0X 37g titanium 52~75mm 350~600mm 130mm 110mm
3.5X 60g titanium 52~75mm 350~600mm 70mm 50mm
5.0X 60g titanium 52~75mm 350~600mm 50mm 30mm
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