Laser Dentistry has been revolutionary, it has changed the mindset of millions, and has proven that a dentistry procedure can be less time consuming and most of all, it can be pain free! The world of technology is growing tremendously and bringing some valuable inputs for dentistry as well. Laser is a device which uses high density laser beams for treating soft tissues as well as hard tissues. Now, the question is, why opt for Laser Dentistry when traditional methods have existed for so long? Well, the answer is, you get amazing benefits from laser treatments which are impossible in traditional procedures. In laser treatment, you have to invest far lesser time and fewer sittings. You face no sutures in this procedure. Also, it is more hygienic as the heat from the laser kills all the bacteria. As soon as the blood comes in contact with the laser it gets coagulated thus resulting in almost no blood loss.

The biggest benefit you receive is saving yourself from the horrifying drilling noise that has scared you during most visits to a dentist. The list of advantages associated to laser in dentistry does not end here. You don’t have to take local anaesthesia which was compulsory in traditional methods of dental treatment. Do you remember how it felt getting that prick in your mouth to numb it before any procedure began? Once the effect of anaesthesia subsided you experienced much pain that was unbearable. In order to counter it you popped in few pain killers. The pains usually made your head heavy or spin in such a way that you could not do your daily chores or run any errands. The new dental laser treatments promise you negligible or no pain at all. The recovery time span is way lesser as only the damaged tissue is treated and other healthy areas remain unaffected. Due to its precision, the tissues that are well to do are not disturbed at all, which was not possible in non-laser treatments. After doing 20 years of research, Zolar technology has come up with two phenomenal devices, Photon and Photon Plus. The Photon Plus runs on only 10 watts while the Photon runs on mere 3 watts. This means big saving on electricity!

Zolar Technology is an ISO certified firm with experienced developers and medical professionals who manufacture keeping international standards in mind. These two devices are affordable and loaded with features like in-built tutorials that would stun dentists. The devices are compact and easy to use. Zolar also conducts training workshop for those who may want to learn or update their knowledge regarding use of laser in dentistry. Zolar offers a 3-year warranty for its Photon series. The company assures you world class service by their support team, which will always be available for consultation.

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