Photon Series of Soft Tissue Diode Lasers approved by the FDA for Pain therapy Applications

Photon Series of Soft Tissue Diode Lasers approved by the FDA
To all Global Distributors, Dealers and Partners:
As you are aware the Zolar Technology & MFG Co Inc. has the industry leading soft tissue surgical applications for its Photon Series Diode lasers.

We at Zolar Technology are happy to announce that the Photon and Photon Plus are now approved by the FDA for LASER assisted Pain Therapy applications along with the surgery applications.

This is a remarkable achievement for the company, considering that this approval from the world renowned regulatory authority now facilitates the use of Photon Dental laser for a wide range of pain indications in the dental and medical office.

Dr.Gerry Ross, who is a Dentist and an expert in Laser assisted Pain Management stated that “this FDA approval opens so many doors, it is now two machines built into one “.

The executive officer Mr.Paul Atkins stated that “temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain could be achieved through the application of Laser Light resulting in increased local blood circulation leading to the temporary relaxation of muscle and pain relief. Other indications include muscle stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm, sprains, strains, muscular back pain, among other types of muscular pain.”

The photon machines feature a powerful processor and a high quality Diode that delivers efficient functionality, performance and portability.

“This little device is perfect for the modern day medical and dental office”, said the Operations Director Mr. Rajesh Chowdhry, adding that, “the lightweight Photon lasers weighs just less than two kilo and are available through the Authorized dealer network of Zolar around the world”.

Mr.Joe.Pal , sales director of the company states that, “Throughout our company, we strive hard to equip dentists and healthcare professionals with the best possible experience with our unique Photon and Photon plus products. The features of wireless foot control, esthetic design, long battery life, GPS like in-built navigation system among other features makes the Zolar Photon a unique competitor in the market.”

The addition of pain therapy application enables healthcare professionals to perform better and is comparable with our major competitors. Certainly this is a step towards redefining dentistry and health care delivery.

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