Photon Dental Diode Laser – 3W

Photon Dental Diode Laser

The PHOTON 3 Watt is an ideal dental diode laser with 810nm diode flexibility and complete portability has built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface. There are 20 unmatched pre set programs that are fully editable.

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Photon Plus Dental Diode Laser – 10W

Photon Plus Dental Diode Laser

The PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt immaculate dental diode laser with 980nm diode versatility and complete portability has built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface.

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First 2 in 1 Dental Laser.. EVER!


2 features in one Unit!
A Soft Tissue Dental Laser
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This exclusive feature is available with the Photon. Only Zolar technology is offering these 2 technologies in one machine.

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Dr. Glen Van As


A Renowed Name in dental Industry talks about the Zolar dental diode laser

Dr. Gerry Ross


Veteren in the Dental Laser industry talks about the Zolar Dental Diode Laser

About Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc

Zolar Technology is a Canada based dental equipment manufacturer, specializing in Dental Diode Lasers. Our head office is based in Ontario having Dealers Network Worldwide. Our team consists of professionals with varied experience from all over the world, promising International Standards of Production.

Dental Diode Laser Manufacturer

Zolar Technology has made its dental diode laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly, with multiple pre-set programs and in-built tutorials. All this and more with an unmatched 3 Year Warranty! The impeccable dental diode lasers created at Zolar Technology, with the profound research and development spread over 20 long years, is popularly known as The Photon Series (PHOTON 3 Watt and PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt) . Our vision is to build a global family of satisfied Zolar product consumers who would remember and recommend us.


Our dental training programs are in compliance with the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) which is equivalent to the best global practices within the field of dentistry.

The faculty that trains your professional hands to perfection is lead by three renowned names in the dental industry; Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. Robert Convissar and Ms. Janet Press (R.D.H)

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Affordable soft tissue dental diode laser