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Zolar Technology is a Canadian company offering reliable dental diode laser solutions. It is a miracle tool when it comes to handling soft tissues of the mouth. Our soft tissue dental laser products are approved for Pain Management by FDA.

Less Pain, Fewer Shots, Speedy Recovery!

We have collaborated with global industry experts to ensure our products meet the international rules and regulations. Diode laser treatment is effective, reliable and safe for patients of all ages. Both our Photon and Photon Plus are developed using extensive research, state-of-the-art manufacturing and industry inputs.

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Management of Peri-implantitis

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Excision of Fibroma

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Periapical Laser Currettage

Featured Products

PHOTON 3 Watt Ideal dental soft tissue diode laser with 810nm high quality diode.

  • Featuring built in tutorials with the best multi-lingual interface.
  • Small size makes it ultra-portable and easy to carry.
  • Over 20 unmatched pre-set programs.
  • All programs are fully customizable as per requirements.
  • Large LCD and Battery
  • Wireless Foot pedal & Disposable Tips

Photon 3 Watt is intended for use in a wide range of oral soft tissue applications and pain management. From gum inflammation to surgical procedures, this is an ideal tool for most general dental applications.


Photon Plus

The Photon Plus 10 Watt – Next-gen dental diode laser with 980 nm diode.

  • Versatility and complete portability
  • Unique features like over 20 presets
  • Built in tutorials and teeth whitening system.
  • Multilingual Interface and Portable Power Module
  • High Level Security Features -Password Protected
  • Gentle and Comfortable – Patient experiences minimal pain
  • Touch Interface and Wireless Foot Pedal
  • Diverse Applications – Excision to incision, coagulation & more.

A range of powerful features makes the new Photon Plus dental diode laser unparalleled in the practical world.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy

2 Amazing Features in 1 Powerful Unit!

A Soft Tissue Dental Laser & Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Zolar laser products are the only Health Canada approved solutions offering these 2 technologies in 1 machine.

Approved for Pain therapy in USA

* LLLT NOT approved for use in the USA.

What Our Doctors' Say

Dr. Gerry Ross

The photon series is the best among the dental diode lasers. The cordless foot pedal and body of the laser make it completely portable and highly convenient to use.

Dr. Sanjay Jain

I have been using zolar diode in my practice since 4 years now and I am extremely happy with the results. It has now become an integral part of my dental practice.

Dr. Chadi Khanji

Having extensively used lasers in my dental practice, I would definitely recommend it. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Zolar Diode laser proved to be an excellent choice.

Dr. Arun Darbar

I am Arun Darbar, a general dentist and I have been a laser dentist for over 20 years. I started working with my first dental laser soon after it was available.


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