Dental Diode Laser Accessories


We offer cutting edge Dental Diode Laser Accessories.


LLLT Tip Attachment

By using specific wavelengths of light, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) helps to speed up healing.

Multiuse Handpiece

Multiuse Therapy Metal Handpiece for Therapy Tips

Cutting Fiber Kit

The kit is composed of the cutting fiber itself, alongside its supplementary accessories

Metal Handpiece

This is the tool by which the cutting fiber is placed through and serves as a holder, like a pen to its ink.

Fiber Cleaver

The cleaver is used to make a clean cut on the fiber through incising it at a 90 degree angle.

Fiber Stripper

It is used to remove the outermost layer of the cutting fiber, in order to utilize the fiber for surgical procedures.

Protective Carrying Case

This durable carrying case has specific spaces allocated for each component.

AC Adapter and Power Cord

THIS ADAPTER is of 100 to 240 V, 60 Hz.

Laser Protection Glasses

These glasses are specifically manufactured according to the diodes’ wavelength and ensure safety and protection to the eyes.

Bleaching Gel

Bleaching gel for teeth whitening

Disposable Tips

The bendable and user-friendly disposable tips are an effective method in performing surgical procedures.

Metal Tube For Permanent Handpiece

Additional metal tubes are recommended to purchase with the laser as this would save your time while the other tube is being sterilized.

Bleaching Tip

This handpiece is used as a wand for teeth-whitening.

Pain Therapy Tip

Our diode lasers offer painless and non-invasive treatment for TMJ pain. We are dedicated to helping doctors provide quick pain relief to their patients so that they can regain their quality of life.

Permanent Handpiece

The permanent handpiece occupies the disposable tips and is comfortable to use given its smooth texture.