How can I have access to your training videos?

Simply join us as a member and login to our members section. To join us, kindly visit this page.

What are the benefits of dental lasers?

Lasers have infiltrated the dental realm due to their numerous benefits. Here are some commonly known benefits of laser therapy.

  • Procedures with almost No Blood.
  • Little to No Tissue Recession.
  • Gentle and Comfortable.
  • Improved post operative healing.
  • Cause less pain
  • Reduces anxiety in patients
  • Is anesthesia free
  • Doesn’t employ drills
  • Aids accurate diagnosis
  • Minimizes swelling
  • Saves healthy tooth during cavity removal
  • Promotes fast recovery
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
What type of procedures can be undertaken by Photon Laser Products?

Photon lasers can be used for various powerful applications such as for excision, incision, coagulation, removal of Fibroma, Granulation tissue, Soft Tissue crown lengthening, canker sores, bleaching, tooth decay, discolorations and oral soft tissue dental procedures. For detailed product applications, kindly visit each products specifically.

What is included in your training program?

Our training program extensively covers all the dental lasers related topics in complete detail. Our trainers also undertake hands-on classes to teach students practical laser procedures. Also, we have a section of videos to help you begin your journey into this cutting-edge realm.

Are your products approved by relevant Canadian authorities?

Yes. In fact, we are the only Health Canada approved low level laser therapy solutions provider. Our products are completely safe to use and pass all the stringent tests before begin launched in the market.

What is the approval of your training program?

Our dental training programs are approved by Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) which is among to the best global practices within the field of dentistry. The faculty that trains your professional hands to perfection is lead by three renowned names in the dental industry; Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. Robert Convissar and Dr. Sanjay Jain

Can you explain the support and service of Photon Series of lasers?

We have comprehensive support for each one of our support and services section. As a member, you will receive world-class training and support. The training programs are crafted to help every participant learn the concepts fluidly.

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