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By using specific wavelength of light, Low LevelLaser Therapy (LLLT) helps to speed up healing.

Special therapy kit for treating TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder.

The user-friendly and easy to store permanent handpiece is an effective equipment to use with dental lasers and disposable tips.

Bendable and user-friendly disposable tips, an effective method in performing surgical procedures.

This handpiece is used for teeth-whitening.

This gel is applied directly to the teeth and is used in accordance with the bleaching handpiece.

This is an alternative option to the disposable tips and the permanent handpiece.

It is used to remove the outermost layer of the cutting fiber, in order to utilize the fiber for surgical procedures.

The cleaver is used to make a clean cut on the fiber through incising it at a 90 degree angle.

This is the tool by which the cutting fiber is placed through and serves as a holder, like a pen to its ink.

The kit is composed of the cutting fiber itself, alongside its accessories (fiber stripper, cleaver, & metal handpiece)


Don’t forget them

Closed cap is for covering the permanent hand piece after-use, open cap is for holding the disposable tip in place.

Additional metal tubes would save you time while the other tube is being sterilized, using with disposable tips.

Specifically manufactured for the diodes’ wavelength and ensures safety and protection to the eyes.

Specific spaces allocated for each component of the dental laser package, for travelling and storage purposes.

For the 3W and 10W diode lasers

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